Let's talk Alleycats

Designed by responsive players for responsive players

I consulted and collaborated with some of the best responsive/fixed axle players in the world when designing this yoyo. This list includes Ed Haponik, Nate Sutter, and Drew Tetz. Nate is an old school legend who has been playing responsive for longer than some of us have been playing yoyo, Drew is universally accepted as the Butterfly Horse king, Ed is a two time fixed axle world champion(to say the very least of all of his fixed axle prowess…), and I myself have even...

Introducing the Mount of the Month Project

Hey everyone, hope your new year is off to a great start. Today we're excited to launch a new project called mount of the month. First I'll give you the two sentence version of what's involved:

  1. We post a short tutorial at the beginning of the month that teaches you a mount.
  2. We give something away to a random participant (shirts, bags, stickers, yoyos, string, holders).

More detailed version:

  1. We will post a short tutorial for a mount that we believe is relatively simple to learn while also being 'outside the norm' of the current trick meta....